WH Book Club

Be a part of the WH Book club! Each month we will read a book together. Every 24 of a month we will discuss/talk about it on my blog, instagram and facebook(@wanderinghayati)!

Take notes, highlight your favorite parts, use sticky notes or whatever you would like. Take pretty picture and just do what you want!

We will see each other at 24th of each month in shaa Allah!

Book of the month March: Reclaim your heart by Yasmin Mogahed

Back to wandering,

ps. if you know a really​ cool name for this book club​, let me know!


Stationary Sunday

Sticky notes, post its, highlighters, notebooks, fine liners​, just things to give me motivation to study/read (not)!

Yes I spend so much money on stationary while thinking, if I use this I will study harder and get my diploma. Ha ha ha what a joke. But still I love pretty stationary. It gives me a feeling that I am doing something for school. Please tell me I am not the only one!

Every Sunday I will post about stationary and tell you what I use to pretend that I am working on my diploma. In shaa Allah we will all do very well at school!

Back to wandering,