Me, Wandering Hayati


24 February 2017, I am starting my blog.

Hayati was the loveliest word that I ever heard. It stole my heart. I am a wanderer, a seeker for adventures. I cannot stay in one place. I need to go, somewhere. I want to learn and grow, see the world and be at peace. Take time for myself and educate me. Following deen classes and looking at the world with a different view. This is me, Hayati.

I travel a lot, that is why wander is in my name. I might be travelling aimlessly from place to place but there is one place with an aim and that is Jannah, in shaa Allah. This makes me Wandering Hayati.

I started this blog to share my adventures and knowledge with you. I hope to learn from each other. I just want to tell you one more thing. How much you travel or enjoy the world, never neglect your prayer. That is one thing you should not forget.

Back to wandering,



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